The Hague WaterMax water softener offers a unique, patented approach is The Right Solution™ for meeting home water needs. In addition to clean, soft water, the WaterMax offer a host of advantages over conventional water softeners by saving:

  • As much as 80% less time
  • As much as 50% less regenerate
  • Up to 80% less water used

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WaterMax Design

The WaterMax features a multi-compartment media tank, which allows for complete flexibility in media configuration to provide more usable resin capacity. The efficient design also prevents water channeling so all resin is used. The system design is comprised of three compartments:

ULTRA-FIL/CHLOROSTAT, a self-cleaning whole-house dirt and sediment filter designed to reduce the taste of chlorine and odor in the water and extend the life of the resin bed, so it never needs a replacement filter or maintenance.

ULTRA-CLEAR provides carbon filtration and eliminates the taste of chlorine, odors, and organic matter.

ULTRA-SOFT utilizes vacuum packed, high-capacity fine mesh resin to provide maximum treatment and contains the self-cleaning Bacteriostat, which prevents bacteria growth in the resin bed.

WaterMax Features

25-year limited warranty
Solid-state system control
Hague patented control valve
Hague patented tank design
Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter
Customizable multi compartment tank
Directional flow screens
Built-in bypass with test port
Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed
Power outage protection
Capacity guard
Absolute brining feature
Safety shut-off
Fill pug
Start enjoying the benefits of soft water!